The original ‘Duke’ Xbox controller design is making a comeback

While we can't wait for original Xbox games to come to the Xbox One, we can't help but think we're missing a certain something to fully recapture the nostalgia of playing Microsoft's original console.

Thanks to a deal between Microsoft and accessory maker Hyperkin, that 'certain something' means bringing back the OG Xbox's massive hand-wringer of a controller, aka The Duke.

This holiday, nostalgic Xbox gamers can get their (presumably big) hands on a remastered take on the original Xbox controller, compatible with the Xbox One family of systems (including the newly announced 4K Xbox One X) and Windows 10 PCs.

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Old pad, new features

While the relaunched Duke will retain all the oversized glory of its 2001 ancestor, Hyperkin is adding a few new tweaks to bring the controller up to speed.

First off, the new Duke will feature left and right bumpers, making it fully functional for games both contemporary and classic. Additionally, the giant Xbox logo that took up the middle of the original Duke will be replaced with a fancy display screen. 

Finally, Hyperkin's Duke redux will come with a 9-ft detachable cable with the option to go wireless, according to Gizmodo.

A price (or net weight) for the brand-new Duke controller hasn't been announced yet but given the semi-ironic/semi-serious love for Xbox's original pad, we hope Hyperkin can keep up the stock to avoid the kind of shortages that can plague retro callbacks. (Looking at you, NES Classic Edition.)

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