Sony’s new PlayLink brings mobile and console gaming together

At its E3 conference this year, Sony has announced a new collection of smartphone-controlled games designed to entertain the whole family, including those who might not usually play games.

Under the umbrella PlayLink, these games are played on the PlayStation 4 console, but controlled via an iOS or Android smartphone rather than the DualShock controller. The concept is fairly similar to Jackbox Party games, which allows several players to connect over their smartphones and play short but addictive party games together. 

The lineup of games at the moment is fairly small but includes a quiz game called That's You!, a dramatic voting game called Hidden Agenda where players can vote on the decisions characters make in games and affect the outcome. Imagine several people playing a Telltale game at once and you get a good idea of how chaotic it has the potential to be. 

Mobile madness

Other titles revealed to be coming include Frantics, Knowledge is Power and SingStar Celebration.

Details on how the games will work and how Sony intends to expand the collection are still fairly scant, but the trailer certainly made the games look like a much more social way to use the PlayStation console. 

It’s definitely an interesting mobile approach from PlayStation (one that actually seems like something Nintendo should have considered rather than its IP-driven standalone titles) but with details still thin on the ground, it’s hard to know where Sony will take it. 

That’s You! will be the first game to be released free to all PlayStation Plus members on July 4. You can see the trailer for yourself below:

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