PS4 trophies: games with easy achievements for PSN points

For hardcore completionists, collecting in-game trophies has always been its own reward. However, now that PlayStation has announced that its Rewards program in the US will take trophies into account, earning you PSN store credit for devoted play, the average player has a nice incentive to begin trophy hunting.

Now, when you’ve signed up the the PlayStation Rewards program and linked it to your PSN account, you’ll start collecting reward points for trophies as well as purchases. These points can then be redeemed for credit on the PlayStation Store. 

Silver trophies count for one point, gold trophies for 10 and platinum for 100 each. As you'd expect, the bronze trophies won't get you anything. Once you’ve collected 1000 points (10 Platinum trophies), you’ll be able to exchange them for $10 of PSN credit. 

Though it’s nice to be rewarded for playing games as well as buying them, the points aren’t particularly generous and it takes some hard work to collect the number of trophies required for a decent reward. Particularly since it’s not every game that has a platinum trophy and some have inconvenient hidden trophies. 

There are, however, some games that are more generous with their trophies than others and we’ve gathered together some examples of these to get you started on your point collecting journey.

While you can find guides all over the internet on how to collect trophies for pretty much every game out there but these games are a good start for those who want to get started on their trophy hunting journey. 

This is a classic game that you absolutely won’t regret playing anyway, but it has a generous 48 trophies which are relatively straightforward to collect in the game’s short playtime. Now, most of them are bronze but the ones you can't miss through playing the main story are silver and gold and that's worth it. 

There are some hidden trophies so you’ll want to make sure you scour every area (or resort to a guide) but the vast majority of them can be found simply by playing the game’s story.

It’s not the case for every Telltale game but for Batman, Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, it’s very easy to get trophies simply by playing the game. Many are bronze but often you'll get a platinum trophy just for finishing the game. Easy. 

inFamous games are known for being fairly easy to achieve platinum trophies and given First Light is much shorter than Second Son, it stands to reason that you’d want to get a platinum trophy here. It helps that there are a lot of silver and gold trophies along the way.

Playing through the game’s story is quick and gathering collectibles is wearying but not especially challenging. The hardest part is probably finishing the arena challenges but with a little practice it can be done in a couple of days.   

Another narrative game that rewards you for getting to milestones in the game’s story, Life is Strange also has lots of trophies to collect. Unfortunately, the majority of them are bronze and therefore not particularly useful for getting Reward points. 

However, it’s an excellent game and getting the more rewarding platinum trophy is simply a matter for taking all of the optional photographs. Given there's a collectible mode you can use at the end of each chapter to find any opportunities you've missed this is very easy. 

Helllade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a game that’s rather generous with its trophies. They can all be collected simply by playing through the game’s story they’re all valuable gold and silver trophies. 

There’s also a platinum trophy if you collect all of the lorestones as you go along and given you can play the game on easy and still receive this trophy it’s well worth an attempt. 

It’s unusual that fighting games make anything easy for the player, but Tekken 7 doesn’t gate keep its trophies too ferociously. There are 43 in total (many of which are silver), the majority of which can be found offline playing through the game’s main story and taking part in its practice modes. 

What Remains of Edith Finch is a narrative-driven exploration game and another example of games that reward you for hitting story milestones. There’s no platinum trophy to be collected here unfortunately. 

However, the game can be played through in its entirety in a single afternoon and you can collect the two gold trophies and one silver trophy in without having to replay if you pay attention to your surroundings.

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