Project Scorpio price: here’s how much it’s going to cost

Microsoft has been holding out on us – it has yet to reveal how much Project Scorpio is going to cost when it comes out during the holidays later this year. 

We’ll probably find out shortly at Microsoft’s E3 2017 keynote that takes place at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET / 10 pm BT. But until then, all we can do is guess.

Well, actually, we can do one better. We can make an educated guess. 

According to industry insider / usual keynote host Geoff Keighley, we could very well be looking at a price tag of $499 (or around £399 or AU$650). He’s so confident about the prediction that he tweeted about it this morning ahead of the keynote: 

Will Keighley be right? He’s a well-known and influential personality in the industry. Chances are he knows his stuff. That being said, $499 is expensive. It might be a big mistake for Microsoft to choose such a high asking price for the new systems.

At least Xbox One S is getting a price cut. So you won’t have to burn your entire paycheck on a new game console if you don’t want a native 4K system. 

But, I mean, why wouldn’t you?

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