How LiquidSky is pushing the future of streaming PC games

Streaming our video games has been a dream for many, and it’s taken many forms in recent years. OnLive pushed the idea of a streaming console allowing players to game over the web, like watching movies on Netflix. More recently, local streaming came to both PCs and consoles alike. Now, LiquidSky is pushing the idea of streaming an entire gaming PC environment that you can access from your own desktop, laptop, phone and everything in between.

Download of the day: Eraser

When you delete data from your PC, it isn’t immediately erased – Windows only removes references, and marks it as available to be overwritten. Until that happens, the data can be restored quite easily using specialist recovery software.


XnView was conceived as an image viewer, but over the years it's developed into much more. As well as providing you with countless way to display browse through your photo collection – including slideshows – XnView also features image editing tools to help you make the most of your photos.


PhotoScape is primarily a photo editor, but this label doesn't really do it justice – there is much more to it than basic retouching. There's also an image viewer, a batch editing function, a built in screen capture tool, and a host of filters and effects to quickly liven up any image.


7-Zip's remit is simple: it compresses and decompresses files. With hard drives and SSDs now larger and cheaper than ever, you might well wonder just why such tools are still needed. Two key reasons are the internet (compressing files means they can be sent and received faster) and security (compressed files can be encrypted and password-protected).

Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is optimized for speed and ease of use. There are no fancy extras – just the essentials for viewing PDFs and ebooks, navigating, searching and organizing them. As an added bonus, Sumatra PDF is also available in a portable edition so you can stick it on a USB drive and take it with you to use on other computers.

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher is one of a growing number of tools that download videos from the likes of YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. While it's often easy to browse the web on your phone will you travel, there are times when there's no connection available. This is when it pays to have downloaded videos in advance.