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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

Nintendo has never introduced a true disaster to their core Legend of Zelda series, but most of the last ten years has felt lacking in inspiration. Games like Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks were perfectly solid on their own merits, yet they paled in comparison to the more impactful entries from the series’ past. Attempts at freshening up the franchise usually came in the form of touch- or motion-based experiments, while the format of the games still riffed on established concepts dating as far back as the Super Nintendo. One major exception was 2013’s A Link Between Worlds (which was based on that same Super Nintendo game, ironically). With that 3DS installment, Nintendo finally made some bold changes to the series’ aging format. Tweaking the item system and allowing players to choose dungeon order proved to be a shot in the arm for a franchise that had long rested on its tried-and-true trademarks.