Download of the day: HYFY Screen Recorder

There are some impressive screen recorders around, but most are pretty cumbersome if you only want to capture a snippet of action from your web browser. That’s why you need HYFY Screen Recorder – a neat little extension that can record up to three minutes of footage with a couple of clicks. Your videos are kept on HYFY’s cloud servers for 30 days, with handy copy/pastable links so you can share them immediately. You can record your voice too if the clip will benefit from a little narration.

PlayStation at E3 2017: six things we want to see

If there’s a gaming battleground for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, there’s no bigger arena than the E3 stage. The annual face-off sees the big three names in game development puff their chests out (even if Nintendo does so from the comfort of its ‘Direct’ YouTube studio), showing off the wares it’s hoping to win you over with in time for populating those Christmas wishlists.