Nintendo Switch Nindies showcase: 12 game trailers you need to watch

Though new releases were few and far between just after the console's launch, the Nintendo Switch's games library has grown exponentially over the last few months, solidifying the hybrid console as the perfect home for indie gamers and developers. 

That trend seems certain to continue well into next year, too, with a huge lineup of new indie titles announced during Nintendo's 'Nindies Showcase' livestream today. 

For those who don't have time to watch the entire PAX showcase, we've taken the liberty of gathering up the best trailers released by Nintendo today. 

Here are the Nintendo Switch indie game trailers from today's Nintendo Direct that you definitely shouldn't miss. 

With a gorgeous anime-inspired 2D art style and a unique mix of platforming and puzzle-based cooking mechanics (you have to battle an assortment of creatures to collect ingredients), Battle Chef Brigade from Adult Swim Games seems like it will fulfil our cravings for bite-sized gaming. Check out the trailer below.

Release date: run-up to Christmas

This unique 4 vs 4 multiplayer shooter sees your avatar constantly morphing and shape-shifting as they shoot enemies or get hit. Shoot an enemy in the head, and their head shrinks while yours gets bigger! In the background stands an enormous Morphie for each team, which grows as you land successful hits against the opposing side. The team with the biggest towering Morphie at the end of the match wins. Sounds a little like Splatoon if you ask us, which is certainly not a bad thing. Check out the trailer below.

Release date: This winter in the UK and US, or summer in AU

A charming rhythm game that sees you take part in breakdancing battles, Floor Kids sports beautiful hand-drawn animation from JonJon and hip-hop beats from Kid Koala. Fans of old-school hip-hop, break beats and b-boy/b-girl dancing are sure to be in (rhythm) heaven with Floor Kids. Check out the trailer below.

Release date: run-up to Christmas

Meat fans rejoice! After years of waiting, we're finally getting a true sequel to Team Meat's challenging twitch-oriented platformer with the release of Super Meat Boy Forever. The game will get harder and harder the more you play it, so get ready to be dropped right into the meat grinder when Super Meat Boy Forever launches on Nintendo Switch. Check out the trailer below. 

Release Date: 2018

The first SteamWorld Dig game developed a rabid following when it was released a few years back, so its sequel, SteamWorld Dig 2, is bound to send those same fans into a digging frenzy! Best of all, the game releases in less than a month, so you won't have to wait long to get your hands on it. Can you dig it? Check out the trailer below. 

Release date: September 21, 2017

Who's ready for a violent arcade-style brawler in the tradition of Golden Axe and Final Fight? Wulverblade is set to provide just that, with a cinematic storyline based on historical events and some truly gorgeous 2D graphics, to boot. Not only that, but Wulverblade will be available first on Nintendo Switch, arriving some time in the next month. 

Release date: September 2017

A side-scrolling shooter with a focus on underwater exploration and the hunting of sea monsters, Earth Atlantis promises to be a challenging title that fans of 'shmup' games will surely get a kick out of. Also, is anyone else getting a Game Boy vibe from that terrific art style? Check out the trailer below.

Release date: Fall/autumn in the US and UK, or spring in AU

An utterly adorable game from developer Neckbolt Games, Yono and the Celestial Elephants promises to be packed with adventure, puzzles, light combat and an assortment of cute characters. I mean look at him – he can blow fire out of his trunk! Check out the trailer below: 

Release date: October 21, 2017

Still want even more bullet hell action than Earth Atlantis can seemingly provide? Well, take a gander at Dimension Drive, a unique shoot 'em up that sees you simultaneously play two games at once! Now that's sure to be a very challenging take on this popular genre. Check out the trailer below.

Release date: Fall/autumn in the US and UK and spring in AU

Mulaka is an impressive-looking 3D adventure title that sees you exploring the landscapes of northern Mexico. It's based on the history of the indigenous culture of the Tarahumara, who successfully evaded Spanish conquerors in the 16th century. Sounds cool to us! Check out the trailer below.

Release date: Early 2018

Despite having dual thumbsticks, there's been a real shortage of first-person games on the Nintendo Switch, but thankfully, Away: Journey to the Unexpected should help alleviate that. An adventure game with rogue-lite elements, it employs a beautiful and colorful art style with some anime-like animated cut scenes. We can't wait to get our hands on it. Check out the trailer below. 

Release date: Early 2018

Fans of visionary game-designer Suda 51's ultra-violent No More Heroes series have waited on a third instalment for what feels like an eternity. Well, he's finally back with another sure-to-be insane entry. Travis Strikes Again sees series protagonist Travis Touchdown back and ready to kick some bad-guy butt, and thankfully, he's brought his beam katana along for the ride. Check out the trailer below. 

Release date: 2018

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