Amazon Prime Day: Save £40 on a Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

Photoshop is the benchmark by which all other image editing programs are judged, while the streamlined workflow and raw editing capabilities of Lightroom means it's a huge hit with photographers. 

If you're not using either program to edit your images, then now's your chance as you can save £40 on a 12 month licence and download both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for just £69.99 this Amazon Prime Day.

And remember, if you're not already an Amazon Prime member you can get a free trial today to take advantage of this and loads of other deals.

Photoshop is incredibly sophisticated, featuring layers, masks, selections, retouching and complex, multi-step imaging processes, and it manages to present these tools in a remarkably clean, fast and efficient interface. 

Lightroom is an indispensable part of the Adobe double-act. Lightroom combines an image cataloguing database with Adobe Camera Raw's 'non-destructive' editing tools in a slicker interface. It means that you can make non-permanent adjustments to an image which you can change later – and your original photos are never modified. These tools can't do everything – for selections, layers, masks and many more complex effects you'll need Photoshop. But that's OK, because you get both programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan and they complement each other really well.

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale, with exclusive deals for Amazon Prime members – and if you’re not already signed up you can get a free trial today and join in the fun. Stick with TechRadar to find out how and when to grab all the best deals.

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