Amazon Alexa adds a crucial calling feature

While Amazon adding phone calls and messaging to its Echo speakers was a handy feature setting itself apart from the competition, a sorely-needed addition to Alexa's newest skill has arrived.

As seen in the update notes on Alexa's App Store page, users can now finally block specific contacts from reaching them via call or messaging. 

Originally, Alexa users could not individual prevent contacts from reaching them through Echo's new calling and messaging feature— making it a potential privacy headache for those who'd rather not be bothered through a literal speaker in their home, according to The Verge.

Now, you can scroll through your contacts list on the Alexa app and prevent any scammers or ne'er-do-wells from calling or messaging you by hitting the newly added "Block Contacts" button.

The update is seemingly only available for the iOS version of the Alexa app at the moment, with the Android version still awaiting call-blocking. 

In the meantime, feel free to consult our guide to securing Alexa to make sure Amazon's digital assistant isn't assisting those you'd rather not associate with.

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