Kindle Voyage

Update: Since this review was written, Amazon has revealed an even more expensive version of the Kindle. It's called the Kindle Oasis and come with an innovative design as well as a fantastic screen. Amazon has also dropped the price of the Kindle Voyage and it may drop further for Amazon Prime Day 2017 on July 11.

Smart-lighting India: In conversation with Harsh Chitale – CEO of Philips Lighting, South Asia

The lighting infrastructure in India is changing rapidly alongside the greater digitisation drive India is going through. Lightbulbs used to be use-and-throw products but today we have advanced bulbs which are both energy efficient and come with advance features such as remote management. These light sources also known as smart lights are now moving beyond its functional aspect and making inroads into our lifestyle. Latest advances also make it easier to light-smart your home on top of your exiting lighting arrangement. 


As you'll probably guess from the name, MacSentry claims to be a VPN with software optimised for your Mac. But that's not as restrictive as it seems, and the website explains that the service also works on Windows, Linux, iPads, iPhones and Android devices.