The 50 best productivity apps for mobile devices in 2017

With the advances made in mobile technology over the last few years and greater reliance on remote working, many businesses use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to help them in managing their operations. Generally speaking, the days of relying on a PC to do everything are over – you can do it all from apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android. 

Gigabyte SabrePro 15

Since Nvidia 10-series Pascal GPUs hit the scene, there haven’t been many truly affordable and powerful gaming laptops. Instead, we’ve had to choose between mid-range Nvidia GTX 1060-powered notebooks normally starting around $1,600 (about £1,400, AU$2,070) or budget friendly Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti laptops that don’t have the chops for 1080p gaming at medium-quality settings.

Adobe After Effects CC 2017

If you’re a videographer and you need to create some special effects, chances are you’re probably already thinking of Adobe’s After Effects. It’s been available for 24 years and under the stewardship of Adobe since 1995. Just like Premiere, it is a powerhouse for videographers and often the only app they need to transform shots, apply effects and create dazzling titles.